Our Story

What's our passion?
We believe that technology can and should improve business.  We believe it so passionately that our company's sole purpose is to implement the right technology for our clients.  This applies to building a solid network foundation so employees work efficiently, to leveraging web sites and internet technologies so that customers interact effortlessly, to training staff so that they use software to its fullest potential.

What do we do?
Technology shouldn't be an "overhead" item; if it is you are missing its point.  Technology should be a critical success factor that makes your firm more profitable, more efficient, and faster at servicing your customers.  Our company has three departments because it takes three distinct disciplines to fully integrate the right technology into your company. 

First, to truly integrate technology into the business requires building and managing the core technology infrastructure.  You know, servers, desktop computers, scanners, email, etc.  Having the right foundation allows us to build on top of that.  Our tech support department is responsible for building a rock solid network infrastructure. 

Web sites and web applications are essential ways to interface with your customers as efficiently as possible, and to possibly grow your business through the right web site presence and marketing.  Our web dev team builds custom web sites and custom web applications that enable you to more efficiently engage with your customers, your partners, and your employees. 

Then there's the training.  Even though you've equipped your company with cutting edge technology, it is most effective when your employees know how to fully use it.  The classic example is Excel.  Excel alone could shave hours and hours from your recurring business process...when used properly.  The problem is, your employees don't know how to use Excel the right way.  That's where our training department comes in.  Through training comes efficiency.

How'd we get started?
From 1993 to 2000, our founder was in corporate America, learning first hand how the right technology in the right hands can improve just about any business process.  He began by automating small processes, like creating reports, and moving data around.  Then, he began automating larger processes, like electronic report distribution and the budgeting process.  Finally, he was automating huge business processes like commission computations, patent tracking, 401k reporting, payroll, drill down reporting, and more.  He had fun automating business processes.  He felt great that he was able to do any task in a fraction of the time it took his peers.  As the accounting manager for a public company, he dialed in the monthly accounting close process and took it from 14 days down to 2 days.  He wrote an article for the Journal of Accountancy, and to his surprise the editor liked it and published it.  Based on the positive response and feedback, he decided he was on to something and decided to start the firm in 2000. 

As demands for technology related services increased, he hired experts in each field in order to provide the highest quality technology consulting firm possible.  He wasn't looking to create the lowest cost provider of services, his goal was to create the highest quality, most reliable, most responsive, and best consulting team that he could.  He was careful to hire people that shared his sense of passion for technology, and who were also amazed by what can be accomplished by the right technology in the right hands.  Today, our team is comprised of top consultants, each experts in their field.  And, we are here to help your company use technology.

Our Story