To download the Excel workbooks for your AICPA course, please refer to the download links below.

Self-Study and Live Group Courses

Webcast Sessions

The Excel for Accounting Professionals (EAP) webcast series contains 8 sessions. To download the materials for your session, please click the link in the Attachment table below.

  • EAP Session 1: Tables and Named References
  • EAP Session 2: Data Validation and Conditional Formatting
  • EAP Session 3: Workbook Design Principles and Organization
  • EAP Session 4: Conditional Summing and Lookups
  • EAP Session 5: Error Trapping and Improving Lookups
  • EAP Session 6: List Comparisons and Indenting
  • EAP Session 7: Date Driven Workbooks and Concatenation
  • EAP Session 8: Dynamic Headers, Mapping Tables and Error Check

NOTES: The download is a single ZIP file that contains all of the Excel workbooks.  You can extract the ZIP file once it has been downloaded to your computer by right-clicking and selecting Extract All (exact process may differ depending on your operating system)

EACI Workbooks1.67 MB
EXPF Workbooks1.62 MB
EXAA Workbooks2.9 MB
EAP Webcast Session 1607.54 KB
EAP Webcast Session 2551.38 KB
EAP Webcast Session 3586.88 KB
EAP Webcast Session 4893.3 KB
EAP Webcast Session 5594.43 KB
EAP Webcast Session 6498.15 KB
EAP Webcast Session 7505.36 KB
EAP Webcast Session 81.22 MB