May 2008

New Employee

I would like to introduce Erek Janus, who is working on our development team with Brad out of our Irvine office. Erek comes to us with an extensive development background, and is a wonderful addition to our team. Welcome Erek!

Who Owns your Domain Name?

Has your internet domain name become an important business asset to you? Surely, it has. If you lost your domain name, how would that impact your day-to-day business operations? If you suddenly lost your domain name, people could not visit your website or send you email. For such an important business asset, controls around protecting it are often haphazard at best. So, who owns your domain name? Who controls your domain name? Read the full text for how to find out, and how to keep it safe.

Tech Humor

Customer: "Well, I just want to know if I load this disk into my computer, will other people be able to get into my computer and access everything I have in there?"
Tech Support: "No, that is not possible."
Customer: "You see it on the TV all the time."

For more tech humor, read the full text.


You know Megabyte, and Gigabyte. You may even know Terabyte. What is next? Read the full text to learn about the storage terms you will need to know over the upcoming years.

Excel Tip: Sumif()

The Excel sumif() function is similar to the sum() function in that it sums values in a range, however, sumif() allows you to set up a condition, so that only those cells that meet the condition are included. Read the full text for more.

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May 2008