February 2008

Personal Tech: Free your Music

So, for the most part, this newsletter is pretty much focused on business technology. But, we know that computers are used for personal use too, and so sometimes we find really cool tech stuff and want to share. This month, we talk about my experience with the Apple Airport Express. It really freed my iTunes library, which was previously trapped on my computer. Let me tell you how this product allows me to push my iTunes library out to my stereo system.

Firm Update: ISR

We have launched a new program, called the Independent Sales Representative (ISR) program. It is basically a straight commission, independent contractor, partner program for people with a sales background. So, if you know of anyone who is out of work and needs a way to generate some cash and who may be a good fit, send them our way, we will be happy to talk with them.

Excel Tip: Data Validation

The purpose of Data Validation is to control the contents of a cell. For the full details, visit the full text article.

Client Highlights: Unicorn Delivery Excel-Web Portal

This month, we highlight one of our recent client projects: the Unicorn Delivery Web Portal. Unicorn Delivery (www.unicorndelivery.com) manages a warehouse and is in the business of storing furniture pieces as they come in, and then delivering and installing those pieces. Unicorn customers (typically design firms) frequently need to know what inventory is at the warehouse. In the old days, the customer would call in, and the research process would start. The research used valuable staff time and also was inconvenient for the customer. We leveraged the Excel Web Export feature to provide a cost-effective customer portal. Read the full text for more information.

Product Review: OLPC

Our product review for the month is the OLPC laptop. Back in November, we spoke about the One Laptop Per Child project (laptopgiving.org). Well, I participated in the Give One Get One program, and I am happy to say that our laptop has arrived! Without any instructions or explanation, I handed it to my 4 year old daughter Grace, and let her play with it. Her first question was, "Daddy, how do I turn it on, is it this button right here?", pointing to the power button. Read full text for more.

Tech Humor

#1 Email sent to a mailing list server: I have tried to unsubscribe, but a message appears saying that my user name is incorrect. I have been using the same name for 77 years and should know whether it is correct or not. For the other two tech humor pieces, see the full text...

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February 2008