January 2008

New Employee

I am happy to announce our newest employee, Brandon Hollenbeck. He is working with Brad in the web development department. He has helped to increase our development capacity to meet demand, which means our response time is back to normal (fast). Brandon is working out of our Irvine office. Welcome aboard Brandon!

Windows Tip: Scheduled Task

Have you ever wanted to instruct your computer to start a program or run a backup command automatically? At a specific time in the future? On a recurring basis? This can easily be accomplished via a Windows Scheduled Task. This brief article will show you how.

Sub-$200 Computers

There is a new trend of inexpensive computers (less than $200) being sold through retail stores like Wal-Mart and others. Part of the reason they can be sold inexpensively is that they use the free and open source Linux operating system, which alleviates the need for paying Microsoft licensing fees. These systems are great if you want to play with Linux, if you simply need a thin client to access a Windows Terminal Server, if you need a home system that primarily is used for internet browsing and email, or other similar uses.

Internet Destinations: Last.fm

I recently discovered an interesting website, called last.fm. It is online music, but with a twist. You see, most existing music websites are one of two models: pay for a download (like the Apple iTunes store), or streaming radio (Pandora.com). Last.fm is a new free service that enables you to search for a specific song, and then stream it, now, for free. Their music library is quite large. In addition, their social networking features are well done.

Excel Tip: Data Group

The purpose data group is to facilitate hiding rows and columns. Data group is an alternative to using the Format -> Hide menu command. The data group feature is useful when a spreadsheet contains columns or rows that you do not wish to print or show, but wish to retain.

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January 2008