March 2008

Smash and Grab

The importance of offsite backups has gained awareness with the increase in computer theft from offices (the smash and grab). To help you recover from a smash and grab, you will need a backup of all of your data stored offsite. You should implement an offsite backup strategy right now. If you do not have the time, or need help, we can help. Read full text for more info.

Tech Humor

This really happened:
* Customer: What does the 48x mean on this cdrom drive?
* Salesman: Well, you know how you read the page of a book one time, and if you really want to understand it deeply, you may read it twice? Well, the cdrom drive reads the CD over and over however many times the number is before the X. In this case it is 48.
For more tech humor, read the full text.

Windows Tip: Batch Scripts

In our January 2008 newsletter, we had a Windows tip that showed how to use the Windows Scheduled Task feature to automate certain tasks. We are following up with that article with a related Windows tip, Batch Scripts. Batch Scripts can be used to perform many tasks on your computer, including automated backups, login scripts, and much more. This article will demonstrate how to set up a batch script.

Economy Got You Down?

I recently attended an Economic Forecast Breakfast sponsored by the California Society of CPAs. The speaker was telling us about the state of the economy, trends, unemployment rates, housing prices, loan failures, and more. Although his message was not a positive outlook and there were some scary facts and figures, he was excellent. Anyway, I was reflecting on his news, and on a recent online "paper" experience I had, and made a connection that may be of value. In short it is this: can you increase your sales by enabling your existing customers and prospective customers to transact business with you through your website? For the full story, read the full text.

Excel Tip: Function Wizard

The purpose of the function wizard is to provide you with all of the possible Excel functions, and make them easy to implement. The function wizard is useful when you can not remember which function to use, or when you have no idea which functions even exist. Read the full text for the details.

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March 2008