October 2008

By the Numbers

...The year Microsoft sales reached $140 Million

...The year Microsoft sales reached $60 Billion

$23 Billion...
...Cash in Microsoft bank accounts

New Employee

I am pleased to announce our newest employee, Cody Boyte. Cody recently graduated from UCI, and has completed an internship with Morgan Stanley. Cody is heading up our marketing efforts. Welcome Cody!

Excel Tip: Subtotal()

One of my all time favorite Excel functions is the subtotal() function. For a video demonstration of it, visit the full text.

Open Source: CamStudio

If you have needed a way to create a demonstration video for your software programs, or how to create a set of videos that show your computer desktop, or to create video information products, the open source community can help.

International Spam Ring Busted

The FTC won a preliminary legal victory against what it called one of the largest spam gangs on the Internet, persuading a federal court in Chicago on Tuesday to freeze their assets and order the spam network to shut down. They operated internationally: shipping drugs out of India, hosting its websites in China, processing credit cards from the former Soviet republic of Georgia and Cyprus, and transferring funds using ePassporte. Full story available online at nytimes.com.

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October 2008