August 2008

By The Numbers

1 Million...
...the number of Apple iPhone 3Gs sold in its first weekend
11 Million...
...the number of iPods Apple sold in the past 3 months
1 Billion...
...the number of dollars Apple earned in profit the past three months
5 Billion...
...the number of songs downloaded from the iTunes music store since it opened

Who Took My Photo?

We recently discovered an impressive bit of internet technology, it is still in beta but working well. You may love this technology, or fear it, depending on your point of view. In essence, it is a search engine for images. This search engine allows you to search the entire internet for a specific photo or image, including minor modifications made to it like cropping, etc. Read the full text for the full story.

Secure File Exchange

For those of you that have been looking for a secure way to share files to your clients through the internet, we have recently partnered with and resell LeapFile, a secure file exchange service. Their secure service enables you to set up a secure folder for each of your customers or clients. In addition, your clients or customers can send you large files securely without needing to remember a username and password to login. More detail in the full text version.

Media Converter Web Service

Well, if you have ever wanted to convert a digital file from one format to another, or just pull the sound from a video file, or save a local copy of youtube videos, now you can, easily, using a slick website. According to his site, Pascal Beyeler is 22 years old and a computer scientist from Switzerland. The full text has more info.

Domain Man

We were first introduced to the existence the Domain Man a couple of years ago when we began being contacted by random people who accused us of stealing their domain. Over the past couple of years, we have learned more about what happened...learned more about one of his companies "Click Consulting LTD"...the full story has more info.

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August 2008