December 2008

New Employee: Kristin

I am pleased to announce our newest employee, Kristin Nathanson. Kristin is heading up our billing, invoicing, reception, accounts payable, and general office administration. Welcome Kristin!

Excel Video: Named Ranges

This 90 second video introduces the Named Ranges feature in Excel, and demonstrates how it can solve a common cell referencing problem.

By the Numbers

14 Billion ...
... Dollars spent through last year
2.5 Billion ...
... Dollars in Amazon bank accounts
4.4 Billion ...
... Estimated net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Intuit Launches Free Online Quicken

If you have been wishing for an online personal finance program, look no further. Intuit, masters of accounting software and makers of Quickbooks, has rolled out a free online service for personal finances. Get the full scoop on the Intuit Quicken website:

Downloading Pictures from your Digital Camera

I was looking for an easy way to get the photos off of our digital camera since doing it the manual way was too time consuming and confusing. So, I wrote a small batch script, and you can download it if you have any use for it. See the full text for additional details.

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December 2008