July 2008

Running with the Bulls

Brad, who is the head of our web development department, just returned (safely) from running with the bulls in Spain. As it would happen, we have his full narrative of the events of that morning. He wrote the transcript to his Mom, who I think made him promise to write immediately after the run. In any case, he said it would be ok if I shared it with you all. So, for the full narrative, unedited, and as heart-pounding as you would expect, visit the full text.

My Vista DVD Player

Recently, at the house, we needed a new DVD player. What started as an easy request, with an easy and inexpensive solution, turned into a big project. But a very cool project. If you read the full text, I will explain how my DVD project turned itself into a Vista-media-center-with-streaming-video solution.

Windows 2008 Terminal Server

Microsoft has made some interesting enhancements to their Terminal Server. (Terminal Server is the software that provides remote access to a shared application server.) The full text identifies a few of the new features.

Tech Humor

Tech Support: Tech support. May I help you?
Customer: Yes, my microwave is not communicating with my computer correctly anymore. I would like to bring in my microwave and my computer.
Full text for more.

Excel Tip: Conditional Sum Wizard

You are familiar with the Sum() function in Excel, and it allows you to sum all cells in a range. However, what if you would like to only include those cells where some condition is true. A "conditional" sum. Excel provides a nice graphical wizard to help us write conditional sum formulas, called, appropriately enough, the Conditional Sum Wizard. Full text has details.

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July 2008