February 2011

Excel Tables and SUMIFS

If you haven’t yet begun to use Excel Tables in conjunction with the SUMIFS function, it is about time. Using these two powerful features together enable some powerful reporting options. 

Outlook Social Connector

I recently installed the Outlook Social Connector, along with the Facebook and Linked In plug-ins. Now, my email messages automatically include photos of the senders, pulled from the profile pictures, as well as status updates. If you have social networking accounts, and use Outlook, check it out. 

DJ Lighting

I recently completed a small home project, and this article highlights the various technologies involved, and demonstrates the perfect finishing touch to any home project...DJ Lighting. Check it out.  

Just Dance 2 Wii

As you know, I’m a big fan of the Wii, and my kids and I have had some great times playing together. Recently, a friend suggested checking out some of the dance games, and I’m so glad she did. Thanks Brody!

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February 2011