March 2011

Excel University

Guys, I’m so excited for this project, I just can’t wait to let you know about it. While I haven’t picked the "official" name quite yet, my working title is “Excel University” and it is my most ambitious writing project to date.  


Recently, I needed to transfer some photos from my phone to another mobile device. It was literally crazy. What I ended up doing was uploading the images, one at a time, to Picasa directly from my phone. Then, I logged into Picasa from a computer, and downloaded the images. Then, I could sync them to the Apple device. I knew there had to be a better way, and that is what lead me to bump. 

Up your Cable Internet Speed

One night last month, our internet connection at home went out. Surprisingly, this prevented our family from operating normally. We could no longer make phone calls, watch stuff on our television, stream shows from Netflix or Youtube, check email, and so on. I pinpointed the problem to a faulty cable modem. What I discovered made me glad the modem failed. 

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google recently announced the immediate availability of Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. In a nutshell, this free service provides a plug-in to Microsoft Office that enables you to seamlessly store files to the cloud but use them inside of the desktop application. After the file is stored on Google’s servers, you can use the Microsoft Office desktop apps to edit them, or use Google’s web browser interface (Google Docs).

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March 2011