April 2011

Excel Sparklines

If you have ever needed to communicate numerical information to someone, you know how handy Excel charts are. Sometimes, however, they are just too big and bulky to include in a worksheet that includes lots of numbers. A Sparkline may just be what you need.  

Amazon Cloud Music Player

Amazon recently announced the availability of their cloud based music player and cloud storage. If you find that you have music stored in different places, like your home network, your work computer, your iPod, your iTunes, and your Android phone, and would just love a central place to store your music so that you can listen to it anywhere you have an internet connection, this may just be what you need.

Smart Email Processing

Here are just a handful of tips concerning email flow and processing. These tips include specifying the action items, updating the subject line, handling multiple recipients, closing the loop, and responding quickly.

YouTube Editor

YouTube recently announced the availability of web based video editing. This free service enables lightweight editing and mixing of video and audio content. It is not as sophisticated as desktop editing apps, but just perfect for quick and simple editing. 

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April 2011