June 2011

Excel Multi-Column List Comparisons

A client recently asked if it was possible to find out if a record from one Excel list appeared in a second Excel list. Typically, this task is easily accomplished with the VLOOKUP function. However, he wanted to use several columns of criteria. As you may know, the VLOOKUP function is limited to a single lookup column. Introduced in Excel 2007, the COUNTIFS function helps to compare two different lists based on multiple criteria columns.

Chrome Web Store with free Angry Birds for your PC

The Chrome Web Store recently opened, and provides, among other things, free Angry Birds for your PC. 

Music Technologies

There are lots of interesting ways to handle and play your music these days, so we'll talk through some of them here.  Specifically, we'll chat about Apple's Airport Express, Amazon's Cloud Player, Apple's iCloud, Stitcher and Pandora.

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June 2011