Competent Tech Support

Dave Kerlagon, President of Unicorn Delivery

Dave invited us out to bid on tech support services for his company.  He was looking for a firm that he could depend on, that could be flexible, and that would send out staff that knew what they were doing.

Right away, he loved that we showed up on time for our first meeting; it showed him we would be there just like we said.  He loved that we would do only what he wanted us to do, and not a bunch of other stuff.  He loved that within an hour of leaving the initial meeting our staff called him to discuss some of the technical details, just like we said.  He loved that our staff knew what they were doing, and accomplished tasks quickly, effectively, and efficiently.  He found a technology partner that he could depend on to take care of his computers and technology.  Here's what he said:

"I was having trouble finding someone who would listen to what we needed, work quickly, get the job done, and charge a fair price.  The others wanted to force me into their mold, have me run my operation their way.  I found the best when I found Click Consulting."

"Click Consulting listened, followed through, and got the job done"

"It is comforting to have the help desk button on the Click Consulting website that we can ask for assistance any time we need it"

"Click is the most efficient computer service we know of."

How does Dave describe us in a nutshell? 
"On-time, fast, fair, and competent"

Competent Tech Support