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You want a new website. Great.

We're here to build you the perfect website.

We have a simple three step process to get you the website you want.

First, you are going to make a couple of decisions. Do you want to work with a great group of guys who want to make your life easy? If so, you're in the right place. What kind of a website do you want? Simple or complex, managed by us or administered by you, it doesn't matter. You're in the right place. Are you ready to get started? Great. That's when you contact us.

Second, we talk to you about your new website and get a really good idea of what you're trying to do. We help you figure out if it should be a CMS plan or if you need a custom website built. Either way, we figure out what you need so we're both on the same page. Then we get you started on the project (we'll give you an estimate if what you want doesn't quite fit our plans).

Finally, you approve the estimate and we build the site. The site goes live, you're taught how to use it, and the world rejoices. Well, maybe not the whole world, but you certainly will be rejoicing. Whenever you have a problem or issue, we're going to be here to help. We've been around for the last ten years and we aren't going anywhere, so you'll be a happy camper for a long time.

That's all there is to it. You decide what you want. You talk to us. We build it.

Below are a few examples of the CMS Designs. Over 200 themes are available as part of the CMS Express package. Each of the themes can have the pictures changed and be switched out in a number of ways. If you want to see more designs, visit our design gallery and search under the category Drupal Themes.



The following video shows how easy it is to add a new page and menu item, edit a page, and delete a page. Since our website is built on the same CMS platform we recommend, the video uses our site as the demonstration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of websites do you build?
We most often use a content management system (CMS) that makes using your new website very easy (unless you're a fancy pants who needs a custom site, then we have other tricks up our sleeve). You don't need to know any programming or know how anything works. All you have to do is log in, press edit, and then add a page. If you want to see how easy it is, check out the video about adding, editing, and deleting pages in a CMS website. Using a CMS makes owning a new website simple. Rather than being forced to contact us or another web designer every time you want to make a change, you have complete power over making as many changes as you wish. We do everything we can to make life simple. We hope we can make yours simple very soon.

I definitely need a new site, but will your system be enough for me?
The content management system that we use is used by major newspapers, television stations and media companies all the time. There's one company that uses the CMS to serve around 2.5 billion pageviews per month. Think your site is going to be bigger than that? We trust the system so much that our own website, the one you're on right now, is built using it.

But what if it doesn't have a feature I need?
The CMS we use is an open source project. That means that anyone can work on it at any time. What that means to you is that there are 10,000 developers building features for your site all the time (talk about some serious ROI! Pay us for one guy, get access to 10,000 guys, WOW!). We've yet to run across a situation where our client needed something that we couldn't provide. There are literally thousands of additional features and plug-ins available and, if the one you need doesn't exist, we'll build the special custom feature just for you. Here's a list of a few of the cool features available for you: Discussion forums, Calendar, Email notification to users, Google Adsense, Photo gallery, Workflow, 5 star rating, Captcha, Event sign-up, Meta editor, Blog, Webforms, Content Scheduling, New users and roles, Permissions, Profiles, Private Messages, and so many more I don't feel like wasting the whole page. If you're thinking of something cool, just ask us. 

If the site is this powerful, it must be really hard to use. Right?
Let's see. Can you use Microsoft Word? If you can then you shouldn't have any problem using our CMS.  We use some administrative trickery to make all the hard stuff disappear. But, if you're real go-getter and want to take full control of every difficult detail, we can teach you how to start using some of the more complicated administration features. If you just want your site nice and easy, we'll make sure you never see anything fancy.

I don't like how any of the themes look, can the CMS really look however I want?
It'll run anything you want. We can make it super flashy, cheesy or even really buttoned down. Whatever you want, that's what you get. There are sites built with this CMS that have one picture and tiny menu. There are others that are so complex they'd make your head spin. It's all about which features you turn on or off and where you choose to position everything. If you want a complex site, we can make one. If you want a simple site, we can make one of those as well. Themes are a guideline, but almost anything can be changed at any time with the flick of a switch.

But what if....
Yup, we can do that. We can do just about anything with the CMS system. We could replicate Twitter or build a full scale social network. It's great for business sites and can be modified to be an entire ecommerce store as well. Have a question about something? Just ask us. Oh yea, if you really do have an idea so revolutionary that it can't be put into a CMS, have no fear. We do completely custom work. We've built projects that process millions of transactions per month, we've created entirely new web technologies, and are just genuinely nice guys. What more could you ask for?

Take a look at our three available plans. For more information, click on any of the plans. To get started, go to the "Get Started" tab and contact us. We look forward to working with you soon.

If you're interested in talking with us and learning more about our CMS Express website plan, start by filling out this form and we'll get in touch quickly.

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