Drupal CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) site is one that enables the site-owner (that's you) to control the content of the site through your web browser.  That means that you can add/edit/delete text, images, pages, and menu items on your website on your own.  This is a great fit for the clients that want this level of control and that have content that is being updated frequently.

A client of ours needed to update their website, but required that they have the ability to make changes on their own.  They didn't want to use "programming programs" like Dreamweaver.  They wanted to be able to make the changes from within their web browser.  We set them up with our CMS site bundle, and away they went.  We set up the site design, and set up the CMS system with the roles and permissions, and they handle all content.

Another client needed a website that he could update frequently with new product information.  We set him up on our CMS program and he is updating product information at will, all through his web browser.  Our graphic designers developed the custom design, or "theme," and applied his custom theme to the CMS system.  Now, our client manages the text, images, and other content of his site through his web browser.

We offer our CMS Express plan for a low fixed-fee price so you can get started with CMS easily.

The same CMS platform we installed for the clients above, and would install for you if you wanted us to, is the exact same CMS platform that these other company's use today for their websites. 

Drupal CMS