Next Steps

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working with us, here are the next steps and what you can expect from us.

Contact Us
First, contact us so we can meet and talk about your project. You can call us, IM us, or submit a contact form.

Initial Discussion
If you are in Orange County, CA, we'd love to meet in person to talk more about your project. We can meet here in our conference room or we can come out and meet at your office. If you are out of the area or are time constrained, we can do all development remotely with no problems. The initial discussion will allow us to get an overall concept of your project and will enable us to provide you with a Ballpark Estimate cost.

Site Map
The very next step in the process is to build a "site map", which is a visual diagram showing the planned pages and features of your site. If your project is simple then there are no fees for the site mapping process and deliverable. If your project is larger, then we perform the site mapping at a low fixed fee price. We charge for this service since it is performed by our engineers (not our sales staff). The result is a site map diagram (Visio) that identifies each page of your site. We also deliver with the site map a detailed estimate of time that it would take to build the project. Optionally, during our planning process, we can perform our Site Map Plus service. Site Map Plus includes the site map diagram above, plus a Wireframe, ERD, and Process Flow.

If the site map and estimate meet your approval, we will send over an electronic copy of our standard Engagement Letter and collect a retainer from you that will be applied to your project's final invoice.

Project Plan
Once the paperwork is complete, we will hand you over to our developers. Their first task will be to build a simple Project Plan, which identifies staffing resources, time lines, deliverables, milestones, and dates.

After the Project Plan is approved, we schedule your project for production, according to the time lines identified in the Project Plan.

We have two ways to develop a design, or "look-and-feel" for your project.  Through our experience, we've found that there are generally two types of clients and so we've set up perfect plans for each.  One way is to start by looking through our Design Gallery and seeing what you like.  If you find one you like, we'll start there and of course make any changes necessary, swap out images, change colors, etc.  The other way is to gather a few site examples of how you want your site to look, and our graphics team will build out a fully custom design based on your preferences.  Either way works for us, and we are here to accommodate your requests.

Update Meetings
During the heavy production period, you'll have periodic online meetings, typically weekly, where we'll show you how the project is proceeding and seek clarification, etc.  We have found that by having the weekly update meetings the production is very efficient and precise.

Once production is complete, and everything looks good, we launch your project and everyone is happy.

Post Launch Support
After launch, we are still here.  So, if you want to make any changes after launch, we are here to help.

Next Phases
Sometimes clients will want to add features to their project after it is launched.  No problem...we are here to help.  We can build the next batch of features with the next phase.

Next Steps