Excel University - Now Available!

Well, at long last, Excel University Volume 1 is finally here and available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format!  I’m incredibly proud of this Excel training product, which comes complete with online videos to help work through the exercises.

Excel 2013!

Wow, are you ready for Excel 2013?  It is just around the corner, and Microsoft has begun to share what is in store for their newest version of Excel.

If you are like me, you love Microsoft Outlook, and prefer it to web-based email.  Microsoft recently announced an upcoming web based email product to replace Hotmail, called 


For a fun change of pace, here is something that is not business related at all.  Is that ok?  It is a game our family enjoys, called Geocaching. Geocaching is a mix of outdoor activity and technology, which puts it squarely in the crosshairs of my interests. 
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