Excel University - Now Available!

Well, at long last, Excel University Volume 1 is finally here and available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format!  I’m incredibly proud of this Excel training product, which comes complete with online videos to help work through the exercises.


Excel University is a series of volumes that will ultimately cover the best things I know about Excel that help automate recurring processes and improve productivity.  Volume 1 is ready now, and Volume 2 is underway.  I hope to release Volume 2 later this year or early next.
Here is one of the 5-star Amazon reviews:
“As an Excel power-user and fan I thought I had the application figured out......Excel University made me realize that I still have much to gain from Excel training.

While I did know many complex functions, shortcuts and tricks this book pointed out a ton of practical functions and tools I had somehow missed in all my years using the product. And while the lessons the book teaches would be valuable almost any user of Excel, they are specifically tailored to the Accountant/financial analyst so its all relevant. Furthermore the author's writing style and presentation method, combined with visual representations, make the concepts simple to read and grasp.

This is hands down the best Excel learning resource for accountants and financial/business analysts. We all take pride in our level of professional knowledge, but I'm so happy I put my Excel hubris aside and read this book.”

-By Taylor W

Thanks for your kind words Taylor!

If you would like to improve your Excel skills, or figure out how to get your tasks done more efficiently, please feel free to check out this resource.

The Excel University series demonstrates the features and functions that enable you to use Excel in ways that you never thought possible.

Much of the content is dedicated to illustrating the features and functions that enable you to automate nearly any data-driven mechanical task, whether fully or partially. There is no substitute for human judgment, review, and thoughtfulness in your work, but if a task is purely mechanical, chances are better than not that you’ll be able to automate it.


Here is the table of contents:
  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Book Conventions
  • Chapter 3: Excel Conventions
  • Chapter 4: How to Make the Most
  • Chapter 5: Foundations Overview
  • Chapter 6: Selected Shortcuts
  • Chapter 7: Named References
  • Chapter 8: Tables
  • Chapter 9: Data Validation
  • Chapter 10: Conditional Formatting Basics
  • Chapter 11: Better Summing
  • Chapter 12: Skinny Row
  • Chapter 13: Hide Worksheets
  • Chapter 14: Highlight Input Cells
  • Chapter 15: Workbook Organization
  • Chapter 16: Worksheet Organization
  • Chapter 17: Nested Functions
  • Chapter 18: Selection Groups
  • Chapter 19: Workbook Design Principles              
 Also, I’ll be starting the Excel University blog shortly, so please stay tuned for that as well.  Exciting times! 


Excel University - Now Available!