CIO Assessment

The CIO Assessment was developed because we realized that most small businesses don't have a Chief Information Officer - CIO. In fact, few small businesses have anyone inside of their company who really understands technology. Many of them outsource the management of their computers and servers to other companies. They buy new computers when their current ones get old and they buy servers when the one they have burns out. Everything is a break fix.

The problem doesn't lie with the companies themselves or with the company that maintains their equipment, it lies in the fact that there is no one looking at technology from a strategic perspective. In large companies, it's the job of the CIO to ensure the corporate strategy and IT planning match up and work together. In small businesses it just gets overlooked.

That's where our CIO Assessment come in.  Our CIO Assessment is like having an outsourced CIO for either a single assessment, or for ongoing consulting.

The Assessment is based around a two hour interview with the CEO, President, or COO of the company. It's best when we can interview multiple stakeholders at the same time, but it can work with as little as one representative.

The process starts with a 25 point pre-interview questionnaire so that we can understand what type of company you're running. The questionnaire is usually given to all of the major stakeholders, even if they cannot be part of the interview process. Following the questionnaire, we begin the live series of questions in order to understand your company's current internal situation, how you manage suppliers and clients, your future goals and your major competitors.

Following the interview, we do a walkthrough of your company to understand how your network is set up. How are your back up systems set up, where is your server, do you have mostly the same computers, how old are they, etc? After that, we take all of the information we gathered back to our office and run it through a series of scoring matrices to understand exactly how your company currently functions and what role Information Technology has and could have in achieving your objectives.  We'll clearly understand your company and thus be able to identify which technologies are applicable in either helping you operate more efficienctly, helping to increase sales, or helping to engage with your customers more effectively.  

The questions in our CIO Assessment don't touch any of your financial information and instead are more related to general corporate strategy and where your company stands in relation to IT use and understanding. While you are expected to share some of your future corporate goals, we need only enough to understand if your IT strategies are matching your business strategies.


At the completion of the CIO Assessment you will be given a 5-8 page document talking about where you are, where you're headed and how your IT ties into both. It will include Critical, Suggested, and Future IT improvements so you have a roadmap of where you are and what you can expect as you grow.

The process usually takes a total of two weeks. We schedule a first meeting, gather all of the necessary information, then spend a week compliling everything. The following week we meet to discuss our findings and how they can be applied to your business immediately and in the future.

The CIO Assessment costs $250. Our Managed Plan clients can request one per quarter for free, and have access to our CIO/CTO consultant on an ongoing basis.

If you'd like to get started, contact us now.

CIO Assessment