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Interview with Ron Hathaway of Carol Electric

Carol Electric called us when they needed some help on a special project.  We've been servicing them now for more than 5 years.  We recently got a chance to interview Ron, and here's what he had to say.

"Click Consulting has done a great job since day one. They’ve always been an asset. Our company was a little scattered when they first started working with us so we had to start from scratch. Since then things have been a lot better."

"One of the challenges of being a commercial electrical company is that we are in an ever changing market due to economics. During the .com boom we were doing great and then the market went away. We always have to diversify into other markets."

"We had in house support for awhile, but it was costing us substantially more than using Click Consulting. We tried working with probably half a dozen other companies before we were referred to Click. Click is the only quality provider we’ve found."

"We decided to move to a paperless office because we were running out of storage space. Our company has a lot of documents and blueprints. We’ve never had trouble accessing or finding our records, we just don’t have anywhere to put them. So we talked to a supplier of paperless office systems but we felt the costs were unreasonable. Then we talked to Jeff and he showed us how to use a small scanner to get most of what we needed."

"People like to speak to someone about their problems. It’s nice to know someone got your request, especially if it’s an emergency. I can call Stu any time. Jeff’s always there and takes my phone calls. Click Consulting has been an asset to the company. I like the guys. The real difference I see with Click is the dynamics of the personalities here have been very good. I enjoy everyone at the company."

Computer Problems