Content Filter

An internet content filter service is a way to keep non-work related websites out of your office, and off of company owned computers.

Upon initial thought, you may conclude this is not necessary for you and your employees, since you have very loyal and trustworthy employees. However, the content filter also keeps spammed links and viruses out of your office.

Why would you need an internet content filtering service? Since companies have spent many years installing secure firewalls, hackers needed to develop a way to get around firewall security. Websites are their way. Any website you visit easily passes through your firewall. So, if the hackers can get you to visit their website, that website will automatically download their malicious program (virus). So, how do hackers get your employees to visit their virus infested websites? Easy, spam. They will send a spam that contains a link, and as soon as it is clicked, bam...virus installed. So, as you can see, a solid internet content filter service is critical for network security.

In the service we provide, the filter lists are updated automatically each week. You can also manually configure the "allow" and "deny" lists. You could even set up a rule that blocks all websites except the few approved. We have a client that blocks all websites except the 10 business related sites he has approved.

If you want to talk more about internet content filtering service, we'd be happy to.

Content Filter