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Our hourly rates are exactly in the middle of the market rate. We are typically more expensive than the one-man computer guy working from home. But, we are generally less than many of our true competitors (IT firms with offices and employees). And we are seriously less expensive than hiring your own internal employee to manage your network.


If you just need us for emergencies or special projects, our On-Call Plan will probably be a good fit.  If your company heavily relies on computers and you want to ensure they are up and running all the time, our MSP plan will be a good fit.  If you are outside of our service area, our Remote Only plan will be a good fit.

Plan Details*
Service time is billed hourly, and our rates range from $100-$150.  Please call in to obtain information about current discounts and promotions. 

  MSP Managed  On-Call Remote Only
Base Monthly Fee ** $250 $0 $50
Scheduled Onsite Yes Yes None None
Term One year One year Month to month Month to month
Unlimited onsite and offsite support for
existing hardware, users, software
Monitoring agents for all
computers and servers
Hourly projects for new hardware, users, software
Basic Maintenance Labor
CIO Quarterlies
Priority support
Response time guarantee
Web and email hosting  
Email defense (spam and virus)  
Remote support connect  
AV subscription management  
Firmware upgrades  
Content filter management  
Email defense management  
Server disk space check  
Server patch management  
Backup monitoring  
Support case portal
Client eval feedback

  Not available
  Available, billed extra

 *Some restrictions apply to published pricing and not everyone will qualify for prices above
**Pricing is determined after initial free consultation, and is generally $200 per server, $75 per computer, and $5 for each network device or peripheral.


This plan is ideal for those companies looking for us to completely manage their network, and don't want to pay hourly for ongoing support of their existing infrastructure.  This plan includes unlimited onsite and offsite support for existing hardware, users and software.  A recurring site visit is scheduled ensuring that we have an ongoing presence in your office.  

Managed Plan

This plan is ideal for those companies looking for us to take a proactive role in the maintenance and management of their computer network and resources.   It helps to ensure that we will have a continued onsite presence, keeping your network and computers in tip-top shape.  The fixed monthly fee includes Basic Maintenance Labor, described below, and all of the free stuff identified in the chart above.  Response time guarantee is 4 hours onsite during normal business hours and does not apply after-hours or weekends.  Our scheduled onsite visits ensures that we are there to identify any issues early before they become big issues.

Basic Maintenance Labor

The Managed Plan includes basic remote maintenance which includes backup-log checks, firewall management, content filter subscription management, anti-virus subscription management, domain name renewal management, email account management, spam filter subscription management as well as free web and email hosting (basic plan), free email defense (spam and virus), free online backup, free support case client portal, guaranteed response time, priority support, and a discounted hourly rate.  Site visits are one hour minimum.

On-Call Plan

The On-Call plan is perfect for those clients that only need assistance from time to time.  Typically, they will call us once per month or so, and just need some occasional basic support.  Site visits are one-hour minimum.

Remote Only Plan

The Remote Only plan is designed for those companies looking for remote support only and no onsite visits.  This plan is designed specificially for those firms looking to outsource help desk support, to reduce IT support costs, or are out of our onsite service areas.  Your company must be located outside of our service area to qualify for the Remote Only plan.  Remote plan is pro-rated to the minute.

Fair Pricing Practices

We pride ourselves on our fair pricing practices.  We never try to sell you prepaid hours, where you give us the cash now and we give you support later.  We start everyone with net 30 day terms, and unless those terms are abused you'll have net 30 day for the remainder of our relationship.  We only charge you for hours that you use...I know that sounds like common sense, but you'd be surprised by some of the pricing schemes we've seen.

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Plans and Pricing - Tech Support