Response Time

A Rutgers University study shows that computer use is now routine among American workers and a large part of their daily work life. (I was also surprised that it took a formal university study to figure that out.) The study also shows that 87% of workers use a computer.

When your company's computer network is down your employees are not working. Thus, the response time of your technology partner is critical.

How we ensure fast response times
In today's technology environment, it is not good enough for your IT consulting tech to simply state "I will provide fast response times."  There must be policies, systems, and processes in place that ensure fast response times.

Here at Click Consulting, we have developed procedures over time that ensure we will respond quickly and efficiently to your issues. And depending on which service plan you select, we even guarantee our response times and will give you a full refund of your monthly Managed Service plan Base Fee if we are ever too slow. (Incidentally, in the history of our firm, nearly a decade, we have never had a single request for a refund.)

Our processes and procedures for ensuring fast response times follow.

1. 24x7 Live Reception. If you call us, no matter what time of day or night or holiday, you will be routed to a live person. It is this person's job to either help you or get you to the person that can help. They will send an alert that notifies all techs on their Blackberry cell phones instantly. This reduces the lag time between a client request and our response since it all occurs within milliseconds, pretty much as fast as electrons can travel.

2. Alert-Blast. If you email us or contact us through our website, we have tied everything together technologically, so that when our support email box receives an email, all techs are instantly forwarded that message, thus ensuring fast response time.

3. Help Desk. Many IT firms only have "field techs," who work out at client locations. When they receive a support call from another client, obviously it is difficult if not impossible for them to assist you at that time, since they are currently located with another client. Our firm has a Help Desk technician who is physically located in our office. That way, when a phone call comes in, he is there to help now when you need it.

4. Remote. Our Help Desk tech uses our remote support technology to resolve issues quickly and effectively. This technology is different than many IT firm's technology. Typically, an IT guy can take control of his client's server but not the employee desktops. Our technology allows any employee in your company to simply click a button on our website, and our tech is instantly connected to and remotely controlling the computer. In many cases, we can solve the issue using remote support without dispatching a field tech, which means you and your employees get help now, without waiting for the next available site visit.

5. Staffing Redundancy. We know that a single field tech can't be in two places at once. That is why we use a staffing redundancy model that enables all of the documentation and passwords to be available in case your primary technician is currently assisting another client.

Case Study
I was at home on a Saturday not too long ago. I received a message on my Blackberry phone indicating that someone submitted an online "contact us" form through our website. I called him right away. When I introduced myself, he politely told me that he had already spoken with two other Click employees, each within minutes of submitting the form online. Wow, those guys are fast! That was on a Saturday. Needless to say, we provide service to that client and have been keeping him satisfied ever since.

We've included an email thread for your reference.  Please note the Time/Date on each reply.  It started off at 8:30 AM by an email from our client Steve...

From: Steve 
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 8:30 AM
To: Click Consulting
Subject: Walter- Computer/Networking Issue


We are having issues with our server.   There was a power failure over the weekend and our server shut down unexpectedly.  We can no longer access our shared drives.  Please contact us ASAP.


From: Jeff Lenning
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 8:37 AM
To: All Techs
Cc: Steve
Subject: FW: Walter- Computer/Networking Issue


Forwarding to all techs...



From: Steve 
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 9:22 AM
To: 'Jeff Lenning'; 'Stuart Byus'; 'Todd Ryan'; 'Walter Lynd'
Subject: RE: Walter- Computer/Networking Issue

Thank for your prompt response and excellent service of my account.


Response Time