Staffing Redundancy

Redundancy. What does that mean? It simply means duplication and repetition. In computers, redundancy is a good thing because it ensures the computer runs even if a component fails. We think staffing redundancy is a good thing too.  It means that we carry multiple staff with the knowledge and familiarity with your network to maintain it.

We strive to provide our clients staffing continuity by assigning each client a "primary technician". But, we must plan for those cases when the primary tech is unavailable for any reason, including working at another client location or traveling.  This system helps to ensure that you always get help, now, when you need it.  Additionally, we have systems in place that enable us to do this effectively.

Two simple examples are our network notes and password bank systems.  One problem we had in the old days was that when one tech came in to help the primary tech, they didn't have all the passwords, nor access to notes that describe the hardware or software configuration details.  Then we got smart.  We set up some electronic tools that enable us to store passwords in an encrypted database (the same level of encryption that banks use) so that when a tech shows up to help, he has access to all of the information necessary to resolve issues now. Not later. Now.

An example of staffing redundancy at work
Here is an email we received from one of our clients:

"As you probably heard we had a mini crisis on a very old Novell server yesterday. Stu and Todd were booked so Matt came out today and worked diligently, quickly and professionally to get the server up and running. Due to some ongoing litigation at the moment there literally is not a price tag that can be put on the data that was potentially gone, say it slowly 22 years worth of accounting and billing records."

Staffing Redundancy