One common issue that we hear from prospective clients is that their former IT support provider was not available.  That means that computer problems are not getting resolved, and that in turn means that employees are not productive.  We have developed several company policies that help ensure that our staff are available to our clients. 

The first policy is our staffing ratio.  You see, making staff available has more to do with the management philosophy than anything else.  We strictly monitor our "billable hour" ratio, and we target 20 hours per week as billable.  That means that 50% of the time is spent handling regularly scheduled site visits.  This provides ample time for our techs to be available to handle any emergencies or unexpected needs that may arise in any given week.  When we see our techs hitting closer to 30 billable hours per week we hire another tech.  Other service providers that are more concerned with profit will want to maximize each tech's billable hours, and thus they target closer to 80% billable time.  While that ratio does produce profit, it does not create a company that has available time to support clients and emergencies.  Our goal is to provide the best possible support, not to maximize short term profit.

Another policy we have in place that helps to ensure our staff are available is our help desk tech, who is assigned to sit in our office to take inbound support calls. 

Another policy is to provide our clients with their assigned tech's cell phone number for immediate access.

Another policy is how voice mail is handled.  All inbound support voice mails are forwarded to all tech cell phones for immediate processing.

We realize how important availability is to our clients, and we staff appropriately and have systems set up to help ensure that our techs are in fact available to our clients.