Accounting and Auditing with Excel

This course is designed for professionals involved in accounting and auditing that would like to utilize the powerful features of Excel during their engagements. We will explore the use of Excel as an audit and analysis tool, as well as selected features that help prepare accurate reports and workpapers. The course discusses SAS56 requirements and how to satisfy them with Excel, as well as demonstrates how certain FASB pronouncements can be automated by using Excel. We will also explore how certain fraud analysis may be accomplished with Excel, including the implementation of Benford’s law.

Participants are invited to download the workbooks before class, and bring their laptops if they would like to work on the examples during class.

• Explore Excel features relevant to auditing and fraud examination
• Examine the Excel tools that facilitate accurate financial reports
• Learn how to more fully use Excel to add efficiency to the engagement

Major Topics
• Reports: Quickbooks exports, electronic reporting, IF function for error checking, SUBTOTAL() function for balance sheets, XBRL
• Workpapers: trace dependents, show formulas, conditional format, search for plug numbers, data validation
• Auditing: SAS56, sampling techniques, analysis tool pack
• Analysis: Pivot Tables, auto filter, advanced filtering, duplicate records, VLOOKUP()
• Fraud: Benford's law Who should attend Professional accountants working in public accounting

Jeff Lenning, CPA, CITP

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Accounting and Auditing with Excel