Advanced Excel Workshop

This hands-on advanced Excel workshop is a powerful way to learn Excel. A laptop is REQUIRED for this course--participants work through hands-on exercises during the course. The content and examples are designed specifically for accounting professionals. All spreadsheets used in class will be available for download prior to the class. Objectives:

  • Maximize the benefit of Excel
  • Squeeze the most efficiency from Excel
  • Learn how to combine several Excel features at once for power plays

Major Topics:

  • Power play: pivot tables and external data
  • Paperless office and digital reporting with Excel: hyperlinks, dynamic and static workbooks, worksheet and workbook protection
  • Power play: VLOOKUP and named ranges
  • Other programs: Quickbooks, QODBC, Lacerte and text files, Microsoft Access import/export
  • Power play: macros and custom menus
  • Power play: auto filter, subtotals, data validation
  • Efficiency gains: concatenate, IF function

Jeff Lenning CPA CITP

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Advanced Excel Workshop