Small Office Networks

Course Outline

The primary objective is to provide information about how to maintain a small office computer network that will minimize downtime and keep your business running. It is based on the premise that in order for a business to run smoothly today, the computer network environment must be stable and reliable. In addition, we will discuss other computer technology that can help accounting firms run more efficiently.

· Understand small office network design, management and hardware
· Learn how to protect the data on your network from common threats
· Gain exposure to other common computer issues facing accounting firms

Major Topics
· Basic network design concepts - many CPAs use a “peer-to-peer” style configuration. We will discuss other options.

· Server - a server is one of the most significant components in a reliable network. We will discuss the primary issues when buying, configuring, and installing a server.

· Threats - we will discuss the methods and tools available to combat four primary threats to your network and data:

  • Hardware failure
  • Hackers
  • Viruses
  • Human error

· Internet content filtering - how to keep inappropriate websites out of your company to reduce liability

· Internet connection - dsl, cable modems, and firewalls

· Remote Access - the various alternatives and methods for obtaining remote access to your office network from home

· Paperless office - we will discuss various alternatives for the paperless office, and we will use the one local CPA firm as a case study.  We will explore the hardware components of the solution as well as the software alternatives.

· Domain name email - we will discuss domain name email.

· Intranet - we will discuss the efficiency that can be gained by implementing an intranet, and how easy it is to do.

· Web presence - we will discuss how to get a web presence, either by having a custom site built, or by using a template service like Execusite or Accountant-city.

· Wireless networking - strengths and weaknesses

Jeff Lenning CPA CITP

Small Office Networks