Training Quotes

Here are some comments received from a few of the thousands of accounting and finance professionals we've trained over the years:

  • "I've always thought I was pretty advanced in Excel, until today, where quite a few items I learned were eye openers."
  • This was the best FICPA seminar I have attended in 10 years. Based on my observations, every attendee got ideas to make them more efficient or effective. Personally, I recovered the costs of this seminar in reduced future project time requirements within the first 15 minutes. This course will repay itself for me 20-fold in the first year. Great job.
  • On of the best CPE courses I have ever taken. Instructor was excellent and the materials were thorough!
  • This was the best CPE course I've attended in years. Mr. Lenning, the instructor, was outstanding and the material is dead on for my work.
  • This is the best seminar I have ever attended.
  • Just spent the day in your Excel Class in Merrillville, IN. Best accounting/technology class I have taken in the last 5 years. Great presentation, great information, great guy. I will be recommending that the IN CPA Society has you back as often as it makes sense for you and them.
  • I attended your "Tools of the Trade" course at the IN CPA Society and believe you have changed my life.
  • This was the best Excel class that I have ever had. My husband designs training and he would give this course two thumbs up!
  • Jeff was by far the best Excel speaker that I have heard. Jeff was full of great tips and made them easy to understand and follow. He also made it interesting and kept our attention.
  • Great speaker; one of the best on this type of subject.
  • These are the highest ratings that I have given in years
  • Jeff was the best speaker that I ever had for any type of class. He spoke in layman's terms but was never condecending. I was excited about all the info that I got from the class and the ability to download all the presentation material slides so I can really understand & apply to my specific projects.
  • That was honestly one of the best CPE classes I have taken. The information and the instructors skills, knowledge and presentation were all far above expectations.
  • One of the best Excel classes I have ever taken. Jeff aid a great jobl
  • It was one of the best seminars I've ever been to, both in terms of the speaker as well as the content. He walked us through plenty of functions, each time giving examples of how it might be practlcaJly applied.
  • Great job! I have taken multiple excel courses, and this one was by far the best. I know I will retain the material taught in class. He is a great speaker and kept my attention the whole day. Please have Jeff Lenning back for the next level of this course.
  • Best course I've had at TSCPA - offer more courses like this!
  • One of the best excel courses I have attended! LOTS of practical tips provided today!
  • Best Excel class I've attended!
  • This has been one of the best CPE courses I have ever had. I hope he will be teaching future courses in Charleston.
  • "I am so excited to use all of the new tools Jeff has taught. Reports that have taken me days to update will now be complete in a matter of minutes. More time for analysis! Thank you Jeff!"
  • "Pivot Table extras and External Data was huge information for me. The idea of digital reporting will allow for more reports in one are & condensed workbooks."
  • "Great information & very useful. Excellent :)"
  • "You are an Excel rockstar."
  • "Jeff was fun and very willing to help"
  • "It was an awesome course. I Learned a lot in one day."
  • "Great pace and good at reading skill level of group"
  • "Wonderfully geared towards accounting and finance functionality"
  • "I can't wait to go back to work and use the Subtotal and Choose functions"
  • "Subtotal function is key, it will make Excel templates more efficient with less errors"
  • "I will immediately apply Macros to format files. These will greatly speed up the process."
  • "This was so helpful! It will save me hours! These macros and specific tips for doing more effective Pivot Tables, vlookups, If statements and Choose functions will really simplify my process and reduce errors"
  • "Macros will speed up our close, greatly"
  • "Great class!"
  • "Utilizing Pivot Tables to report data from Access tables whenever data is too large for Excel -- very useful!"
  • "Very knowledgeable instructor; having Excel files for class was handy."
  • "Great class. Thank you, Jeff."
  • "Great information on Excel and great overview of Access. Loved the budgeting example but wish there was more time for this chapter."
  • "Great Class! Jeff had a timely and effective answer to every question that was asked. Very knowedgeable."
  • "Very good class; effective tranfer of information by instructor."
  • "Very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to others.
  • "Great! One of the best courses I've taken here."
  • "The jokes and sense of humor made the class more fun. Thanks for asking all of us our level, and what we're loooking for at the beginning of the class."
  • "Probably learned more useful tips at this class than any other I have been in."
  • "Whenever Jeff visit's our office, everyone gets a quantum leap of productivity."
  • "Very knowledgeable, helpful, clear & concise."
  • "I really enjoyed this course."
  • "Very good presentation skills, thank you!"
  • "Very easy to understand and follow. He was able to answer questions and allowed time for them."
  • "Fantastic - perfect pace"
  • "I recently took a course entitled A&A Using Excel. I would like to express my appreciation for the instructor, Jeff Lenning. Jeff is the most knowledgeable spreadsheet instructor of any seminar I’ve taken in the past 25 years. I found the course so valuable that I plan to take other courses from Jeff in the future."
  • "The Macros and Pivot Tables will definitely help me in performing my job better."
  • "Awesome! Instructor was very knowledgeable"
  • "The things he taught us were so useful and it was really applicable for our finance and accounting applications"
  • "This course is fantastic and should be compulsory for anyone in marketing, finance, operations, engineering and accounting. That you so much! Subtotals alone was worth coming!"
  • "Great class!"
  • "Great course - very informative about features unknown to our office, or unshared by those who do know."
  • “Just wanted to extend our thanks for the wonderful class. I’ve received numerous e-mails this morning expressing thanks for the wealth of information that include details about how the employees are already using what they learned.”
  • “Great course - we need more - best practical course I’ve ever taken”
  • “Jeff has a vast wealth of knowledge in this area and material was very useful.”
  • “Thanks for showing our group some of the powerful techniques in Excel.”
  • “After attending your course, my employee pulled a training manual from his shelf that was over an inch thick and told me he just eliminated 1/3 of it as the steps were now automated. It’s so fun to see what smart people do when we give them new tools.”
  • “Very effective - thank you - I enjoyed your class.”
  • “Jeff is great at translating difficult to understand participant questions into issues that everyone can understand and give a logical answer. He is very methodical and succinct. A terrific instructor!”
  • “Materials were excellent. I liked the way the visual slides gave the page # reference in the book, so it was easy to follow along.”
  • “Very practical material that will definitely be useful not only in accounting but in every day life.”
  • "Jeff brings great practical knowledge and wonderful enthusiams to the subject. Looking forward to taking another class from Jeff."
  • "The workbook provided for download was very effective. I like how we were provided with exercises along with the answers. This provides a good place where we can go to if we have questions."
  • "It was great to finally have a class where we can DO EXERCISES and really learn."
  • "Instructors ability to demonstrate practical uses of the material and his great enthusiam for communicating the material."
  • "the presentation was outstanding"
  • "Best class I have ever taken. Jeff had enough humor to keep us alert; yet, stayed focused on the subject matter with a great pace."
  • "He did a wonderful job."
  • "A true eye-opener for applications in Excel for many accounting situations."
  • "I consider myself a profecient excel user. I learned several good features that are extremely useful to a financial user."
  • "The course was very informative and does help with efficiency."
  • "With 32 years in the profession, this was the best CPE course I have taken."
  • "This class was perfect."
  • "This is probably one of the best courses that I have ever taken. The instructor was knowledgable, the materials were excellent, and the subject matter was very useful and practical."
  • "he is amazing"
  • "this was the BEST"
  • "The materials are extremely detailed resulting in a comprehensive reference guide."
  • "One of the best classes I have taken. Learned things I will put into use every day."
  • "The materials will actually be a great reference after the class !! Hurray"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "I loved it, will reccomend it to others in my office"
  • "Material and knowledge of instructor were very impressive"
  • "Kept the material well organized and understandable. It is hard to present advance techniques of a software program and Jeff has a talent to do this in a fun and interesting way! He's amazing."
  • "Jeff was an interesting, informative presenter.  I really enjoyed the class and picked up a lot of new Excel tricks to use at work."
  • "Great speaker and very enthusiastic"
  • "Fantastic presentation!  Would love to take additional classes with this instructor."
  • "Excellent presenter"
  • "Jeff was so knowledgable.  I learned to make Excel a more useful tool in my office."
  • "Excellent class!  Fabulous instructor!!"
  • "Great class and instructor"
  • "Jeff did a great job.  I learned quite a lot and enjoyed his presentation."
  • Excellent course and instructor, thanks for giving us the excel files and answers to practice with. I will definitely use them. I have already applied pivot tables in to a report I generated yesterday.
  • The Discusssion Leader was great! Excellent job. I gained lots of tips that can be put into effect immediately.
  • Excellent course
  • I really enjoyed this course. It was very practical. I learned several shortcuts that I did not know previously. Oh how I have struggled with V Lookups in the past, and Jeff was able to break them down appropriately so that I could understand and apply it in the future. I will be able to apply much of today to my practice immediately.
  • Speaker was excellent. The seminar was well worth the money.
Our jobs used to be totally stressful. We’re completely caught up and now we are actually going to get vacation. Over the last few years we haven’t been able to take vacation so we’ve accrued so much. We finally get to use it this year.

Jeff is so enthusiastic about teaching, it’s infectious.  We now look at how we can apply his lessons constantly.

We have a project that our firm does every year that we start in November. In the past, the project has lasted until January. We would work on the project for a few hours and then after about half a day of work, we would have to go take care of some other emergency. Then we’d start again the next day and work another half day before another emergency cropped up. This year two wonderful things happened. First, we started the project in November as usual, but this year we were done in under a week because of Jeff’s lessons. Second, we didn’t have any real emergencies because we finally had time to take care of all the little things before they became emergencies. Next year, we expect the project to start in November and be completed in a few hours. Before, the project was a mess and was very hard. Now it’s really simple and

We’re now able to close early on Fridays. We never have to work weekends any more.

We’re so excited we can’t wait for tax season. We’re looking forward to the challenge and we can’t wait to apply our new knowledge to the problems and projects of tax season.

In the past we’ve sent letters to all of our clients giving them an update of their accounts. We have about 100 clients. We used to hire a person for a few days to do all the work and typing to make sure all of the letters were correct and personalized. Now, after spending some time setting up a system (less time that it would have taken her to do it in the past) we have used mail merge and excel to set up and print all of the letters, completely personalized, in just a few minutes.

Jeff and Click have changed our firm for the best. We are so thankful.

We now all know excel. Even the people that didn’t know it much before, our non-accountants, can help us now by doing exporting and other tasks because everything is automatic.

The firm almost doesn’t need us anymore, but shhh…. don’t tell them that. We like our jobs now.

We met Jeff in January and did two days of intense training.  Now we meet with him remotely, twice a month for an hour and a half. We’ve been training personally with him for ten months and it’s been a huge difference. All of those little things that used to stress us out went away. All of our major financial statements are done so we now have time to get to the little projects that cause stress.

In the past we were at or well past our breaking point. We would think about new clients and immediately dismiss the idea. There was no way we would have been able to take any on. Now we have the capacity to easily add new clients. They wouldn’t stress us at all.

I would highly recommend Jeff’s teaching. Even just the little things you pick up are huge. All the little shortcuts just seem to soak in when you’re around him and working with him.

Jeff is a wonderful teacher. He wants you to problem solve and really understand why and how it works. He’s very patient and has us work through problems until we really get it. His method is much more effective than just learning formulas, it is hands on learning. We’ve found that we are now able to apply formulas to completely different projects than we learned them on because we’re so familiar with how they work.

Our boss was so excited at the live training he attended that he text messaged us from the class to tell us he was going to show us amazing new things when he got home. Our boss finally took his first long, relaxed vacation in at least 4 ½ years.

Jeff really loves excel and makes it fun. He always gives positive feedback no matter how much excel you know. His enthusiasm is contagious.

He’s incredible.

We love the training, it has totally changed our practice.

Attendee comments above from courses presented from 2002-2009, and include accounting and finance professionals from both small firms and large Fortune 500 companies from accross the United States.

Training Quotes